Looking for more home design inspiration? For styling tips, interior design trends and roundups of the hottest new furniture on the market, visit As an interior designer and stylist, Jono Fleming has an eye for bold, transformative designs. In his most recent collaboration, he brought his expertise to the forefront, creating a vibrant and sophisticated urban-inspired sanctuary in his family’s farmhouse using the Dulux Colour Forecast Muse palette. “Any room works for bold colour choices— don’t limit yourself!” Jono shares. “In my recent design makeover, I transformed the master bedroom with vivid and bold colours, but I also love incorporating colour throughout living spaces, hallways, and even kitchens.” His approach often involves painting smaller spaces in bolder hues, using rich textures to elevate the room without making it feel cramped. In this makeover, Jono embraced the Dulux Muse palette, a collection inspired by nostalgic textures and bold hues. “Brown shades are trending heavily through interiors and fashion right now. Dulux Fantan, Tuscan Sunset, and Guitar are perfect for introducing warmth and sophistication,” he says. Jono used Dulux Fantan on the walls, accentuating with Dulux Canyon Cloud on window edges, Dulux Passionate Blue on mirrors, and Dulux Fluorescent Fire on a side table — demonstrating that bold, unexpected combinations can create stunning visual interest. When choosing bold colours for different rooms, Jono emphasises the importance of the emotional response to colour. “Think about how you use the space and how that reflects in your colour choice. Bold colour doesn’t have to be limited to walls; ceilings, architraves, and window trims can also create bold design moments.” Jono cautions against common mistakes, such as overmatching decor to paint colours. “A pop of red in a cushion, rug, and vase can draw the eye to the wrong focus. Instead, go for complementary tones rather than being too matchy-matchy. Pops of colour can be tricky to get right.” For harmonious bold colour combinations, Jono recommends starting small and looking to the Dulux colour trends. “They’ve done the heavy lifting, and it takes the risk out of decision making. It doesn’t always have to be as permanent as paint on walls. Try adding curtains or large-scale pieces like artwork and rugs for big pops of colour without too much risk.” Jono advises layering in natural materials or metals to complement and enhance bold colour schemes. “This gives a bit of breathing room to the colour saturation and adds an additional layer of design detail.” Jono suggests starting with smaller decorative objects or midtone colors for those hesitant to dive into bold colours. “Add paint to smaller items or discover colour through stunning art pieces. Another great way to introduce colour is through curtains, allowing you to see a block of colour on an entire wall with the flexibility to change it.” Integrating bold colours into an existing style without clashinginvolves scanning your space for existing colours and introducing complementary shades. “Apply paint to all four walls, create a feature wall, or add colour to doors and window frames. This helps create a cohesive and intentional look using colour,” he explains. Jono’s expertise and the Dulux Muse palette prove that bold, beautiful colour can transform any space into a stylish, colourful retreat. Interior designer and stylist, Jono Fleming blends modern elegance with the free-spirited charm of the ‘70s reimagining a children’s room into a grand bedroom retreat in collaboration with Dulux. 11 Image Credits: Jacqui Turk SITCHU MAGAZINE