FOR THE FOODIES Award-winning Chef Jake Kellie elevates the art of fire in his cuisine, skillfully harnessing open flames to infuse his dishes with deep, smoky flavours and unparalleled texture. Here, he shares his tips for crafting a delicious flame-kissed winter dish and why he loves working with local South Australian produce. Your resume is very impressive, showcasing mentorship from culinary giants like Dave Pynt, Heston Blumenthal, and Scott Pickett. What’s the most valuable advice you’ve ever received from them? What Dave showed more than anything was the ideal mentorship style, mixed with dedication and just pure drive. These guys are incredible leaders whose drive for perfection clarifies why their businesses have succeeded. The way their talent intersects with creativity is impressive. arkhé celebrates South Australian produce in an open-flame setting. Tell us why South Australian produce shines brighter than most. I was attracted to South Australia largely by the uniqueness of what Adelaide and the broader state offer - amazing wineries and fantastic, unique produce. We have amazing stuff down here. Mayura Station is one of the best beef farms in the world, and there are fresh Port Lincoln lobsters and King George Whiting on our doorstep. Can you share your best tips for crafting the perfect flame-kissed winter dish? And what’s a simple yet sensational flame-grilled recipe that everyone can try at home? Something I love at the moment is an ashbaked whole fish — a white flesh fish such as coral trout, nannygai, or snapper is perfect for this. 5 Minutes with Jake Kellie Co-owner & head chef of arkhé I was attracted to South Australia largely by the uniqueness of what Adelaide and the wider state have to offer - amazing wineries and great produce in a large format country town. It’s so unique. Gimlet There’s something about Melbourne’s Gimlet that makes you want to sit back and sip on cocktails until midnight, all old-world charm, impeccable style and forever on-point food. Muni For a special occasion, Muni in Willunga is unmatched. Enjoy exquisite, evolving Asian cuisine, an eclectic wine list, and a relaxed setting with amazing service. You’ll never want to leave. Saint Peter This incredible spot offers a performative cooking experience with a ‘fin-to-scale’ ethos. Watch chefs shuck oysters and cook exceptional, sustainably sourced Australian fish and seafood. What are your top 3 restaurants in Australia? 1. 3. Do you have a favourite dish on the menu? Our pork loin chop. We use great pork from The Dairyman Barossa, and get the whole middle cut of the pig. We break it down to get the loin and marinate it in an Adobo seasoning rub. Then simply grill it over the fire and serve it with an Adobo sauce and fresh lime. I love the simplicity of it. 2. 362 Oxford Street, Paddington, Sydney Josh Niland 2/3 High Street, Willunga, SA Cavendish House, 33 Russell St, Melbourne Visit Victoria @arkhe_restaurant Duy Huynh 08